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Cached 3.0

Limited NFT Series by Tasso

3,333 total
Open to public auction

Artist Statement

Cached 3.0 is an original piece in an ongoing commentary regarding how technology affects interpersonal connections & relationships in our ever-evolving world of hyper-connectivity.

This work is an homage to Rene Magritte's Son of Man, which is one of his most recognizable paintings. The iconic painting features a man in a matching suit & bowler hat, with his face obscured by an abnormally large, floating apple.

The title of this piece, alluding to Magritte’s heritage, is a french term used to describe information being stored in short-term, highly accessible task-based memory in most advanced electronics today.

Ahead of its time, the original piece (Cached, circa 2005) was a foreshadowing commentary on the growing divide we experience as technology becomes more integrated and ubiquitous in human life.

The Genesis Series

The curated roll, the artist’s pick & the definitive edition.

The Derivative Series

One-of-a-kind art pieces with randomized elements.


Caridad Gardens

A jobs program using gardening to reintegrate
formerly homeless veterans back into the workforce

Caridad is a nonprofit organization, created in 2010, whose vision is to end unsheltered homelessness by building modest dignified dwellings, providing case management to homeless clients using a customer service/concierge approach, restoring homeless back to & living in community. Caridad was first created in 2010 as a sock and underwear drive, Unide Sunday, for local homeless charities in San Diego, CA.

Caridad is operating a Freight Farm. The shipping container provides a way to grow fresh produce in any location. Caridad uses urban agriculture to provide both food and employment for formerly homeless clients from US Vets. The therapeutic garden provides critical employment for homeless clients and much needed community development.